Sunday, March 18, 2012

Indies Unite for Joshua on

When my son was diagnosed with Leukemia my world crashed. I went online to tell my friends goodbye and end my writing career. My friends didn't let it end that easily. My farewell blog post brought a barrage of messages offering love, support, thoughts, and prayers. Then Eden Baylee, author of Fall into Winter, contacted me.

Eden offered more than a thought or prayer, she lifted me up, brushed me off, and said 'let's kick some ass.' Eden offered hope.

Eden has been there. She battled breast cancer, and won. She did what I couldn't and marshaled an army of supporters from the Indie community and started Indies Unite for Joshua. She told me at the beginning that I didn't need to do a thing except take care of Joshua, she would handle it. And she has.

Eden contacted all our friends online and organized a campaign to support Joshua through his treatment. The Indie community responded with donations of books, services, blog posts, promotions, and set Twitter on fire with the #IndiesUnite4Joshua hash tag. Eden offered all those wonderful people who wanted to help a focus and purpose.

The campaign “Supporting an author's son in his fight against leukemia” is more than just a group of friends helping out a fellow author. It's more than Joshua. More than Eden. Indies Unite for Joshua represents the depths of human love and compassion. It shows that all people need is a rallying point and purpose. They want to help, they want to do something concrete for a fellow human being in need.

Eden Baylee provided the leadership. My son provided the rallying point. But the love was always there – waiting. Many of those donating and supporting Indies Unite for Joshua don't know me, or Joshua. They see a need and want to help. They are the true heroes. Their love and generosity is boundless and unconditional. They are what is best about the human race.

Eventually I will personally contact and thank everyone who has supported Indies Unite for Joshua. There are so many, it may take awhile. But I want to offer this post as a public commendation to Eden and all those who have responded to the call so far. Joshua still has a long road ahead of him, but with so much love lifting him up he will kick leukemia's ass. His spirit is strong and determined and he knows a lot of people have his back in this fight.

Thank you, Eden, for everything. And to all those involved in Indies Unite for Joshua, you have my families eternal gratitude. Beyond the obvious help monetary contributions are in paying Joshua's medical costs, the love and generosity of friends and strangers has lifted our spirits and given us hope. Thank you.




  1. Oh Max ... thank you so much for the post -- you're too kind.

    I have great news - we're at $5000! 50% !! YAY! We're going to get there, no worries. You have wonderful friends, and it's extremely humbling to be part of such a great community.

    Big big hugs,

  2. That's what community is for! Way to go, Eden, and we're still thinking your family, Max!

  3. I have chills every time I think of Joshua and this incredible mission. Thanks for allowing us to take part. We're all fighting for Joshua and the whole Cynn family. Here's to continual success!

  4. I have been retweeting this like crazy, and I am hoping that it helps. I'm reading this post at work, and trying not to cry... Sobbing hairdressers kinda make clients a little nervous!

    That aside I just wanted to say that many of us have been touched by cancer, either by battling it personally, or watching a friend or family member battle it. It is only human nature we want to help, because we do understand. And really, at the end of the day, that's what it's all about. Even though you may not know all of us personally, it doesn't matter. Helping is what social media is for. It doesn't matter if it's a blog or twitter, we are more than willing to stand with you and your family and offer what we can.

    Please know that all of you are in the thoughts and prayers of many people. No thank you is needed.